Your letter about machining vibration

nº15 - september 2011

The topic of the month :
Why some particuliar axial engagements reduce vibration ?

To get rid of vibrations in contouring, it is conventional to reduce the axial engagement.

• Low axial engagement reduces the risk of chatter (spontaneous vibrations),but generates an interrupted cut, which creates vibrations (so-called « forced »).
• Higher axial engagement increases the risk of chatter, but make the cut more continuous.

For each tool, there is an optimum axial engagement that lead to perfectly continuous cut.

To reduce the vibrations, simply take an axial engagement equal to the axial pitch of the tool. (or a multiple).


In order to increase rigidity and vibrational properties, composites tool holders have been designed (in USA).


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31% : « active control »
69% : « specific axial engagements »