Example of expertise program :

  • Half day for preliminary analysis and measure preparation :
    • Analysis of your documents (machines, tools, workpieces), recorded signals or sounds, analysis of previous studies made.
    • Planning the measurement day.
  • One day for mesures :
    • Stiffness (machine axis, tool, tool-holder, workpiece, workpiece holder)
    • Frequencies (natural static frequencies, during rotation, during mouvements, during machining, etc.)
    • Damping coefficients.
    • Cutting forces.
  • One day for analysis and synthesis.
    • Diagnosis.
    • Solutions definition.
  • Debriefing meeting and discussions, about results and solutions to be applied.
    • All machining parameters are taken into account.
    • All possible solutions are studied in detail.

Examples of possible obtained solutions :

  • Defect on a machine element (spindle, machine axis, tool holder, workpiece holder, etc.).
  • New cutting conditions (rotational speed, engagement, machining strategy, etc.).
  • Tool modifications (cutting angle, variable pitchs, damper, etc.).

expertise illustration