During almost 20 years, with numerous expertises made in production plants, we have developped a unique expertise :


logo Ford

Ford-Aquitaine (automotive part, turning operation, sintered bronze) : the vibration problem was 7 years old, apparently randomly.

  • The expert analyze helped us to find a better tool and better cutting conditions. The immediate gain was 20000 €/year, we would have really appreciate to have such a software as ChatterMaster.

Ford-Getrag (automotive part, turning operation,  steel) : the problem was persisting on several machines slightly differents.

  • The analyzis helped us to find the real culprits (among the elements of workpiece set-up, tool-holder, etc.), and to focus on the best parameters, proven to be efficient in this operation.

logo Boostec

Boostec (unique workpieces for spatial applications, milling operation, crude silicium carbide) : the high cost of our very fragile workpiece, because they have to be machined before to be sintered, make any vibration incident catastrophic.

  • The analysis helped us to identify the most critical parameters and to define procedures giving the security marginn left before vibrations. This software is a must-have in our domain.

logo Bosch

Bosch (automotive parts, interior turning and grinding, steel workpieces) : the very high precision and surface finish needed for motor injectors make necessary the mastering of all the parameters linked with vibrations. More over, the prematurate wear of the tool, linked with vibrations, made us loose a lot of money on specific operations.

  • The analysis helped us to find the real source of the problem and to avoid useless exploration of the foreseen leads. In one day we have tested several kind of cutting tool and found the best one, by understanding and exploitation of the forerunner sight of vibrations.
  • The analysis help us to understand the forerunner sights of vibrations and to identify the critical parameters in order to optimize them during the process.

logo Dassault

Dassault (large aeronautic parts, routing of composite workpieces) : the noise of the operation was simply too loud and disturbing.

  • The analysis helped us to optimize the operating conditions (acoustic foam, tool modifications,…) and to have a better understanding of the phenomenon and to avoid the exploration of dead-end leads.

logo Sagem

Sagem (Sub contracting, milling of steel workpieces : the behaviour of the machine was sometimes really non understood...

  • The analysis helped us to determine accurately the source of the problem on the machine and to find a solution with the manufacturer.


DCNS (Naval Defense Ship Building) : the feasability of a new kind of workpiece was to be defined and optimized.

  • The analysis helped us to optimize the workpiece design and the preparation of the first machining test, in order to reach the maximum productivity.