ChatterMaster was demonstrated at the Machining meeting of the European competitivity pole of Ceramics, at Limoges, France, january 27th, 2011.



The Sciensoria start-up and Vibraction have developped together a new non contact sensor, called « V-scope ».
It can be used as simply as a microphone, but without environant noise pollution.



December 1st, 2010, ChatterMaster was demonstrated during a meeting of the European competitivity pole «Aerospace Valley».



Vibraction is associated with THSM-Consulting to distribute is product in the North of France, Belgium and Germany.


ChatterMaster was demonstrated at the Midinnov exhibition (9 nov. 2010, Toulouse, France)


VIBRACTION, SOMAB and SIEMENS were glad to present at Industrie Paris 2010 exhibition, 22-26 march, the very first machine-tool able to fully help you to avoid vibrations problems during machining.

As demonstrated, the ChatterMaster software can be integrated in an machine-tool interface.

Thus, the machinist can now face machining vibrations and be directly put in relation with an expert, if needed.

Submit us a case to study, we will demonstrate you the advantages of our solution.


News : We were at the Midest exhibition (Paris, France), stand 6M197


Airbus annonced : still 80% of the programs, but cost must decrease 30%

-> How will you manage that ?

=> ChatterMaster will help you


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